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Welcome to Rangoli Designs Portal.

0001happy new year
001 a rangoli designs from varsha
001 diwali happy diwali from rangoli designs-vinita
001 dussehra rangoli design
001 ganesh chaturthi rangoli design - varsha
001 ganesh festival - rangoli designs
001 ganesh_chaturthi_rangoli_designs
001 homa havan rangoli
002 happy holi rangoli designs
christmas tree rangoli
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Rangoli is an ancient cultural practice and folk art from India, which is generally made by the women of the house. Rangoli is a geometric or floral design/pattern filled with vibrant colors and flowers which is generally put at the entrance of the door and at the center of a courtyard.

Rangoli is a popular art practiced across India and called by different names such as Kolam in South India, Mandana in Rajasthan, Chowk purana in North India and Aripana in Bihar.


Mehndi DesignsBuild Rangoli Community

Creating a Rangoli involves a great deal of creativity and there is always a great demand for creative patterns. Keeping in mind this search for good Rangoli designs, I have uploaded a few Rangoli patterns that will help make you home entrance pleasing to the eye and more welcoming.

I hope you will enjoy creating them as much as I did. I will keep uploading further designs as and when I create them.

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